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Tourak Travel , Expert in Professional Business Travel Service in Iran

With a decade of experience and active young and creative executives, we started our activities in the field of tourism industry in 2015. At Tourak Travel, relying on the expertise and experience of our executives in various fields, we have organized international training courses and exhibitions to bring managers and experts of business units up-to-date with the world’s most up-to-date technologies and knowledge. To this end, the TURK group has provided information and services in various fields and services related to attendance at international events such as visa application, exhibit registration, hotel and flight booking, mastery of language leadership, financial and banking law consulting, He provided advice on how to trade and hold meetings and forums.

By using the services provided, the maintenance service with your interface can help you to help you and help you to be able to help you. Timely accountability can bring satisfaction and a happy memory to achieve.

Torak Group Services:

Exhibitor tours in different countries and different business areas;

Sending specialized delegations to international fairs;

Coordinating arrangements for meetings with counterparts in international corporations, departments and scientific centers;

Providing facilities and coordination for booth booking;

Host of International Exhibition for Business Owners, Businesses, Artists and… ؛

Advice and advice on B2B Match Making ؛

Conducts a variety of tourism, service, cultural and tourism tours;

Book your hotel online around the world at the lowest price;

Embassy-approved travel insurance for foreign travelers;


Address : Unit F1 , No 66,armaghan St (darya banadari), Valiaser Av , Tehran, Iran
Contact No. : 021-22025652
Email Address : info[at]touraktravel.com

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